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 Become A LMSD Sponsor

We are currently looking for Sponsors to help us fund costumes for Show Work.

At the Lisa Mason School of Dance we really try to keep costumes costs to a minimum and ensure dance is affordable for parents who send their children to our dance school.

At LMSD we want everyone to enjoy the experience of dancing on stage and looking great.

Our next show “Let’s Dance” is on the 8th & 9th of October at the Haverhill Arts Centre.

The dance school can offer a number of benefits for being a sponsor of the Dance School.

Please contact Lisa if you think you are interested in becoming an LMSD sponsor.


Type of Sponsor


LMSD Main Sponsor

(Local Businesses) £500

Oct 2017 to Oct 2018

  • 2 x Free Seats in Reserved Area at the LMSD Stage Show held at the Arts Centre.
  • Recognition on the Home Page of the Lisa Mason School of Dance Website and on the Sponsors page.
  • Recognition in the Stage Show Programme
  • Recognition in social media
  • Free Double Sized Advertisement in Show programme

    (If required)

LMSD Sponsor

£200 - £350

(Sponsor of a set of costumes

purchased for the show)

Oct 2017 to Oct 2018

  • Ability to purchase seating area in the Reserved Seating at LMSD stage shows.
  • Recognition on the Lisa Mason School of Dance Website Sponsors page and social media.
  • Recognition in the Stage Show Programme
  • Free 3 x 6 cm Advert in Show Programme

Friend of LMSD


Oct 2017 to Oct 2018

  • Listing Box in the Program
  • Listing Box on Friends Section of the Sponsors Page
  • Recognition on social media

All funds raised through Sponsors contribute significantly to meeting the cost of costumes and putting on the Stage Show. Sponsors help us make a difference to how our dancers feel when on stage.