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The BATD are represented on the British Dance Council, The Central Council of Physical Recreation, The Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing and the Stage Dance Council International. The British Association is represented in the United Kingdom, Malta, Canada, America, Australia, South Africa, Spain, France, Italy, Holland, Germany, Belarus, Latvia, Korea and many other countries.

Dance Exams are an important part of dance progression, correcting and refining techniques and improving Dance skills, knowledge and understanding.

Children or Adults are entered for examinations in the subjects taught in their class. Lisa informs parents when she feels the child is ready to be entered into the exam. Lis will be preparing them to achieve the highest possible mark available. In Grade work, the order of Marks is, from highest to lowest; Honours, Highly Commended, Commended, Pass Plus, Pass, and Fail. In Medals it starts with Highly Commended and goes down to Fail. At LMSD we are proud that we have a 100% pass rate!


Examinations and Show work are quite time consuming and it is not  possible to fit exams  in each year.


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